Why choose the David Trahan/CSSI team?

The CSSI (Cost Segregation Services Inc)/David Trahan Difference

  1. David Trahan has local knowledge and CSSI has experience in and the capabilities to work in all states.
  2. David Trahan has over 40 years of consulting in the commercial real estate arena as a property tax consultant, an appraiser and as a broker.
  3. CSSI has a track record of completing over 14,000 cost seg studies and has never had one turned down by the IRS. CSSI is insured for Errors and Omissions.
  4. CSSI studies meet the requirements set forth for a engineering based study in the IRS Cost Segregation Audit Techniques guidelines.
  5. David and CSSI have a system to implement and apply the 2014 Tangible Property Regulations to ensure clients and their tax professionals are in compliance with the repair regulations.
  6. CSSI provides an all inclusive fee and will defend their reports to the IRS without cost to client.
  7. CSSI reports include an “on site” inspection to ensure the greatest level of knowledge and understanding of the specific property improvements. Extensive photographs are taken at the time of inspection including many of the tenant spaces and photographs are included in each complete report to support CSSI analyses.
  8. CSSI has a team of tax counsels on staff that can assist tax professionals and tax payers in the areas of cost segregation and the completion of Form 3115.